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exigere’s core service is cost consultancy.

We deliver value for our clients across a wide range of sectors and assets.

The quality of our service is rooted in the calibre of our people and our deep understanding of the markets in which we work. We offer a comprehensive and holistic service to manage financial and commercial risk through effective cost planning, procurement and budget control.

Sustainability is now an inseparable element of the traditional time, cost and quality relationship. As quantity surveyors, everything we do addresses issues of carbon and life cycle as part of an integrated assessment.

Beyond our full cost consultancy service, we also undertake a range of specialist roles to offer holistic and integrated expertise across the construction industry.

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Cost consultancy

We plan, lead, organise and control the financial management and procurement of projects from concept to delivery, helping to address challenges with pragmatism and certainty. Our market insight and knowledge of past and current trends enables us to advise on best value, identifying potential risks and advising on ways to mitigate them.


Monitoring funds, cost, risk and programme to protect and champion our clients’ interests and secure return on their investment.

Engineering services

Our dedicated engineering services team provides our clients with MEP cost management from the outset of a project to completion, challenging services design efficiencies at all stages.

Value and risk management

Understanding the value drivers of a scheme, assessing design efficiencies against industry benchmarks to test project performance, undertaking risk appraisals and management, where exposure to risk is higher.

Viability assessments

Specialising in residential schemes, we help to establish project viability and reinstatement value assessment for local authorities across London and the South East.

Peer reviews

Working in the interests of project success, we offer peer reviews at any stage of a project’s life to assess design efficiencies or validate assumptions and provide an additional level of guidance and reassurance.

Life cycle cost plans

With sustainability and embodied carbon at the top of the industry's agenda and an integral part of every project, we understand the need to actively contribute with cost advice that puts sustainability at the heart of what we do. We are able to create carbon cost models, carbon cost plans and whole life carbon assessments.

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At exigere, we firmly believe in the importance of recruiting and developing the right people at every level.