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Our portfolio demonstrates the depth and breadth of our experience. In all sectors, we have helped deliver transformational buildings and places which contribute to the quality of our built environment.




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Hill House
Hill House 1
Hill House Landsec
KGX1 Hero
KGX1 Google
60 London Wall
60 London Wall Hero
60 London Wall LaSalle
76 Southbank
76 Upper Ground Hero
76 Southbank Stanhope
50 Berkeley Street 
50 Berkeley Square Hero
50 Berkeley Street  BEAM
The Gilbert and One Lackington
The Gilbert and One Lackington Hero
The Gilbert and One Lackington Brookfield
The Featherstone Building
The Featherstone Building 3
The Featherstone Building Derwent London
Arding & Hobbs
Arding & Hobbs Hero
Arding & Hobbs W.RE
20 Giltspur Street
20 Giltspur Street 2
20 Giltspur Street Simten
1 Broadgate
2 Broadgate Hero
1 Broadgate Allen & Overy
8-10 Grosvenor Gardens
8-10 Grosvenor Gardens Hero
8-10 Grosvenor Gardens Grosvenor
The Bindery
220524 Piercy Co Dorrington The Bindery 112
The Bindery Dorrington
17 Charterhouse Street
17 Charterhouse Street Hero
17 Charterhouse Street Anglo American and De Beers
Laszlo Hero
Laszlo Dorrington
36-38 Berkeley Square
36-38 Berkeley Square Hero
36-38 Berkeley Square BEAM
16 Chart Street
16 Chart Street 2
16 Chart Street Heyne Tillett Steel
Woolgate Exchange Hero
Woolgate Stanhope
Thirty High
Portland House Hero
Thirty High Landsec
Folgate Building
Folgate Building Hero
Folgate Building CLI Dartriver
Eden House
Eden House 1
Eden House Global Holdings
1 Triton Square
1 Triton Square Hero
1 Triton Square Confidential Global technology company
Tower Hamlets Town Hall
Tower Hamlets Town Hall Hero
Tower Hamlets Town Hall Tower Hamlets Council
160 Old Street 
160 Old Street Hero
160 Old Street  GPE
50 Stratton Street
50 Stratton Street Hero
50 Stratton Street BEAM
Cottam House
Cottam House Hero
Cottam House Endurance Land
77 Coleman
77 Coleman Street Hero
77 Coleman Kajima Properties
Harella House
Harella House Hero
Harella House Chait Investments
King's Walk
King's Walk Hero
King's Walk Crosstree Real Estate Partners
Panagram Hero
Panagram Dorrington
24 Endell Street
24 Endell Street Hero
24 Endell Street Patrizia
The Carter
The Carter Hero
The Carter Credit Suisse Asset Management
Berners & Wells
Berners & Wells Hero
Berners & Wells Schroders
Castle & Fitzroy
Castle & Fitzroy Hero
Castle & Fitzroy Capreon
Tenter House
Tenter House 1
Tenter House Metropolitan Properties
22 Vine Hill
22 Vine Hill Hero
22 Vine Hill Sterling Real Estate
3 Queen Victoria Street Hero
3 QVS Bloomberg
St. Pancras Campus
St. Pancras Campus 3
St. Pancras Campus W.RE
The Typewriter Building
Typewriter Building BANNER4
The Typewriter Building W.RE
Q1 Handyside
Q1 Handyside Hero
Q1 Handyside DeepMind
Montecute Yards
Montecute Yards Hero
Montecute Yards Fora
3-4 Hardwick Street
3-4 Hardwick Street Hero
3-4 Hardwick Street Derwent London
One Grafton Street
Grafton Street Hero
One Grafton Street Pembroke Real Estate
Bermondsey Yards
Bermondsey Yards Hero
Bermondsey Yards Aviva
Dashwood Myo
Dashwood Myo Hero
Dashwood Myo Landsec
CityPoint Tower Levels 5-8
CityPoint Tower Levels 5-8 Hero
CityPoint Tower Levels 5-8 Brookfield
63-66 Coleman Street
63-66 Coleman Street 1
63-66 Coleman Street CLI Dartriver
80-100 Victoria Street
80-100 Victoria Street Hero
80-100 Victoria Street Landsec
White Lion Street
White Lion Street Hero
White Lion Street Maurice Investments
The Copyright Building
The Copyright Building Hero
The Copyright Building Derwent London
St. Andrew's House
St. Andrews House Hero
St. Andrew's House Anglo American and De Beers
Pall Mall
Pall Mall Hero
Pall Mall Simten
Stonehage Fleming
Stonehage Fleming Hero
Stonehage Fleming Stonehage Fleming
20 Air Street 
20 Air Street Hero
20 Air Street  Twitter
21-29 Glasshouse
Venture House 2
21-29 Glasshouse The Crown Estate
OneWelbeck Phase II
OneWelbeck Phase II Hero
OneWelbeck Phase II Welbeck Health Partners
25 Savile Row
25 Savile Row Hero
25 Savile Row Derwent London
Arnold House
Arnold House Hero
Arnold House Fora and Brockton Capital
123 Victoria Street
123 Victoria Street Hero
123 Victoria Street Landsec
241 and 251 Southwark Bridge Road
241 and 251 Southwark Bridge Road Hero
241 and 251 Southwark Bridge Road Fora and Brockton Capital
33 Broadwick Street
33 Broadwick Street Hero
33 Broadwick Street Fora and Brockton Capital
Woolyard Hero
Woolyard GPE
The Studio
The Studio Hero
The Studio Derwent London
Sky UK
Sky 1
Sky UK Sky
33 Cavendish Square
33 Cavendish Square Hero
33 Cavendish Square GPE
York House
York House Hero
York House British Land
St. George's Street
14 St. George's Street Hero
St. George's Street Confidential
55 Wells Street
55 Wells Street Hero
55 Wells Street GPE
CityPoint Tower Level 15
CityPoint Tower Level 15 Hero
CityPoint Tower Level 15 Brookfield
Dufour's Place
Dufour's Place Hero
Dufour's Place GPE
42 Berners Street
42 Berners Street Hero
42 Berners Street Fora and Brockton Capital
22 Berners Street
22 Berners Street Hero
22 Berners Street Fora and Brockton Capital
Station Road
Station Road 3
Station Road Fora
9 Savoy Street
9 Savoy Street Hero
9 Savoy Street Duchy of Lancaster
Tate & Lyle
Tate Lyle Hero
Tate & Lyle Tate & Lyle
Threeways House
Threeways House Hero
Threeways House Sellar
15 Bishopsgate
15 Bishopsgate Hero
15 Bishopsgate The Tower Limited Partnership
One Canada Square Level 25
One Canada Square Level 25 Hero
One Canada Square Level 25 Brookfield
Hoxton Hotel
Hoxton Hotel Hero
Hoxton Hotel Ennismore
Alfred Place
Alfred Place Hero
Alfred Place GPE
20 Triton Street Level 2
Triton Street Hero
20 Triton Street Level 2 British Land
Richmond Pharmacology
Richmond Pharmacology Hero
Richmond Pharmacology Richmond Pharmacology
OneWelbeck Phase I
OneWelbeck Phase I Hero
OneWelbeck Phase I Welbeck Health Partners
The Marlo
The Marlo Hero
The Marlo Dorrington
22 Bishopsgate
22 Bishopsgate 1
22 Bishopsgate King Edward VII Hospital
Wimpole Street
1 Wimpole Street Hero
Wimpole Street Royal Society of Medicine
61 Birkenhead Street
61 Birkenhead Street Hero
61 Birkenhead Street Breast Cancer Haven and Future Dreams
147 Borough High Street
147 Borough High Street 1
147 Borough High Street Richmond Pharmacology
Kingdom Street
Kingdom Street Hero
Kingdom Street Broadgate Estates
Plot 27 Oxford Science Park
Oxford Science Park Plot 27 Hero
Plot 27 Oxford Science Park The Oxford Science Park
20 Farringdon Road
20 Farringdon Road Hero
20 Farringdon Road Derwent London
VMIC Harwell Campus
Tileyard Hero
Tileyard City & Provincial Properties
Building 500
Building 500 Hero
Building 500 Discovery Park
The Loom
The Loom Hero
The Loom Helical Bar
Blossom House School
Blossom House School Hero
Blossom House School Blossom House Independent School
Waterside Campus
Waterside Campus Hero
Waterside Campus University of Northampton
Alkerden Hero
Alkerden Henley Camland
Benjamin Street
Benjamin Street Hero
Benjamin Street The Girdlers’ Company
Brain Yard
Brain Yard Hero
Brain Yard Dukelease
Castle Lane
Castle Lane 2
Castle Lane Landsec
Mill Street
Mill Street Hero
Mill Street Mason & Fifth
Orme Square
Orme Square Hero
Orme Square Confidential
Bouverie Mews
Bouverie Mews Hero
Bouverie Mews Rana Begum
Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute
Maurice Wohl Hero
Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute King’s College London
Wimbledon House
Wimbledon House Hero
Wimbledon House Confidential
Apex Building
Apex Building Hero
Apex Building London BioScience Innovation Centre
Meard Street
Meard Street Hero
Meard Street W.RE
Claremont Road
Claremont Road Hero
Claremont Road Chase New Homes
Otterpool Park
Otterpool Park Hero
Otterpool Park Otterpool Park
Soho Place
Soho Place 1
Soho Place Derwent London
Anglia Square
Anglia Square Hero
Anglia Square Weston Homes
Raines House
Raine House Hero
Raines House Tower Hamlets Council
Imperial Works
Imperial Works Hero
Imperial Works Newmark Properties
Vine Hill
Vine Hill Hero
Vine Hill RE Capital
Crown Aspinalls
Crown Aspinalls Hero
Crown Aspinalls Crown Aspinalls
Ely House
Ely House Hero
Ely House Galarie Thaddaeus Ropac
Grafton Street Art Gallery
Grafton Street Art Gallery Hero
Grafton Street Art Gallery David Zwirner
Mission Kitchen
Mission Kitchen 2
Mission Kitchen CGMA
The Green Room
The Green Room Hero
The Green Room Coin Street Community Builders
Mountfield Park
Mountfield Park 3
Mountfield Park Gummer Leathes
Alconbury Club Building
Alconbury Club Building Hero
Alconbury Club Building Urban&Civic
The George Building
The George Building Hero
The George Building Adena Property Investments
One Canada Square Level 26
One Canada Square Level 26 Hero
One Canada Square Level 26 Brookfield
Plot 18 Oxford Science Park
Oxford Science Park Plot 18 Hero
Plot 18 Oxford Science Park Oxford Science Park
Building 1100-1200 Chesterford Research Park
Chesterford Research Park Hero
Building 1100-1200 Chesterford Research Park Aviva
Mortlock House
Mortlock House Hero
Mortlock House Lateral and Nuclera
Lyon House
Lyon House Hero
Lyon House W.RE
University of Hertfordshire The New Science Building
New Science Building Hero
University of Hertfordshire The New Science Building University of Hertfordshire
Bellhouse Hero
Bellhouse The Oxford Science Park
Plot 16 Oxford Science Park
Oxford Science Park Plot 16 2
Plot 16 Oxford Science Park The Oxford Science Park
Maxwell Centre
Maxwell Centre Hero
Maxwell Centre University of Cambridge
Kingston University Town House
Town House Hero
Kingston University Town House Kingston University London
50 Finsbury Square
Finsbury Square 5
50 Finsbury Square GPE
Nova East
Nova East Hero
Nova East Landsec
Network Building
Network Building Hero
Network Building Derwent London
80 Charlotte Street
Charlotte Street Hero
80 Charlotte Street Derwent London
Ware Campus
Ware Campus Hero
Ware Campus Hertford Regional College
University of Southampton Centenary Building
Centenary Building Hero
University of Southampton Centenary Building University of Southampton
Project Bell
Project Bell Hero
Project Bell Brockton Capital
LIPS London International Patient Services