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The quality of our service is rooted in the calibre of our people and our deep understanding of the markets in which we work. As well as being knowledgeable, you will find our teams friendly, motivated and great to work with.

Our partners

Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett
Partner Andrew Bennett
andrew.bennett@exigere.co.uk 07862 254277
Daniel Fryer
Daniel Fryer
Partner Daniel Fryer
daniel.fryer@exigere.co.uk 07946 528449
David Happell
David Happell
Partner David Happell
david.happell@exigere.co.uk 07710 459973
David Thornley
David Thornley
Partner David Thornley
david.thornley@exigere.co.uk 07834 257188
Fiona Corcoran
Fiona Corcoran
Partner Fiona Corcoran
fiona.corcoran@exigere.co.uk 07816 966019
George Brown
George Brown
Partner George Brown
george.brown@exigere.co.uk 07891 627247
Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis
Partner Jack Lewis
jack.lewis@exigere.co.uk 07931 240787
Martin Broughton
Martin Broughton
Partner Martin Broughton
martin.broughton@exigere.co.uk 07973 941264
Mital Dholakia
Mital Dholakia
Partner Mital Dholakia
mital.dholakia@exigere.co.uk 07825 947890
Neil Stevens
Neil Stevens
Partner Neil Stevens
neil.stevens@exigere.co.uk 07467 941088
Niall Aitken
Niall Aitken
Partner Niall Aitken
niall.aitken@exigere.co.uk 07894 838371
Nigel Hawes
Nigel Hawes
Partner Nigel Hawes
nigel.hawes@exigere.co.uk 07342 881989
Russell Weir
Russell Weir
Partner Russell Weir
russell.weir@exigere.co.uk 07826 874766
Simon Willis
Simon Willis
Partner Simon Willis
simon.willis@exigere.co.uk 07917 837127
Tommy Sharman
Tommy Sharman
Partner Tommy Sharman
tommy.sharman@exigere.co.uk 07899 795024
Tony Catchpole
Tony Catchpole
Partner Tony Catchpole
tony.catchpole@exigere.co.uk 07880 745618
Wade Pasfield
Wade Pasfield
Partner Wade Pasfield
wade.pasfield@exigere.co.uk 07481 967037
William Bell
William Bell
Partner William Bell
william.bell@exigere.co.uk 07788 369053

Our team

Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell Assistant Surveyor
Adam Akera
Adam Akera Digital Transformation Lead
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Associate
Aidan Sansom
Aidan Sansom Assistant Surveyor
Alfie Rowlands
Alfie Rowlands Assistant Surveyor
Amelia Sawyer
Amelia Sawyer HR Manager
Annie Bryce
Annie Bryce Assistant Surveyor
Ben Williams
Ben Williams Associate
Ben Worley
Ben Worley Associate
Charlie Docwra
Charlie Docwra Senior Project Surveyor
Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews Associate
Chris Zerdzinski
Chris Zerdzinski Associate
Conal Cassidy
Conal Cassidy Assistant Surveyor
Connor Sorrell
Connor Sorrell Assistant Surveyor
Dairin Fehily
Dairín Fehily Office Manager
Daniel Chapman
Daniel Chapman Assistant Surveyor
Dan Copeland-Brown
Daniel Copeland-Brown Assistant Surveyor
Ed Drummond-Hay
Ed Drummond-Hay Associate
Eda Ucur
Eda Ucur Project Surveyor
Ellie Layton
Ellie Layton Associate
Ewan Hoey
Ewan Hoey Assistant Surveyor
Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson Senior Project Surveyor
George Monk
George Monk Assistant Surveyor
Georgia Sheldon
Georgia Sheldon Assistant Surveyor
Hannah Jackson
Hannah Jackson Head of Marketing and Communications
Hannah Partridge
Hannah Partridge Associate
Harry Donoghue
Harry Donoghue Project Surveyor
Hayley Cope
Hayley Cope Associate
Holly Sargent
Holly Sargent Associate
Irtazah Shah
Irtazah Shah Project Surveyor
James Skinner
James Skinner Project Surveyor
Jarrel Henry
Jarrel Henry Associate
Johnny Eades
Johnny Eades Assistant Surveyor
Jordan Cornish
Jordan Cornish Associate
Josh Hare
Joshua Hare Associate
Lauren Lea-Coutts
Lauren Lea-Coutts Bookkeeper
Lewis Butler
Lewis Butler Assistant Surveyor
Lydia Reilly
Lydia Reilly Senior Project Surveyor
Maddie Silvester
Maddie Silvester Assistant Surveyor
Marco Solaro
Marco Solaro Associate
Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings Associate
Matthew Warwick
Matthew Warwick Project Surveyor
Michaela Hamilton
Micheala Hamilton Executive Assistant
Mohammed Rfidah
Mohammed Rfidah Associate
Myles Mugo
Myles Mugo Assistant Surveyor
Paul McHugh
Paul McHugh Senior Project Surveyor
Philippa Brown
Philippa Brown Associate
Robbie Bebbington
Robbie Bebbington Associate
Ryan Lock
Ryan Lock Senior Project Surveyor
Sakib Khan
Sakib Khan Senior Project Surveyor
Sam Wrangles
Sam Wrangles Associate
Sian Bruty
Sian Bruty Senior Project Surveyor
Teigue McAuliffe
Teigue McAuliffe Assistant Surveyor
Teodora Penkova
Teodora Penkova Marketing Coordinator
Tom Brunt
Tom Brunt Associate
Trei Worrell
Trei Worrell Assistant Surveyor
Walid Jama
Walid Jama Assistant Surveyor
William Heslam
William Heslam Senior Project Surveyor
Willien Irvia
Willien Irvia Associate
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